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The information here is provided so that visitors to the InterContinental Osaka website can have an agreeable browsing experience

TIHG Japan Osaka LLC (hereinafter the “Company”) administers the InterContinental Osaka website (hereinafter the “Website”). Users of the Website (hereinafter the “User”) are asked to carefully read and consent to the following terms before use.

Furthermore, in the event that the Website’s services or contents stipulate different terms of use, please carefully read and consent to these terms of use as well before using said services or contents.
Please note that the terms of use for the Website as well as for services and contents are subject to change as needed. We, therefore, ask that you check the particulars of the terms each time you use the Website or said services and contents.


With regard to the information, designs, logo marks, characters, trademarks and the like posted on the Website, the Company, or the entitled party who has authorized their use by the Company, possesses the copyrights and other intellectual property rights, as well as rights of use and other rights. Please refrain from any actions, such as unauthorized reproduction, screening or reprinting, that could infringe upon the Copyright Act


The User is responsible for his or her use of the Website. A User who enters information at the Website bears liability for the content of said information.
The Company may, without prior notification to customers, add, alter or remove information, service details, URLs or other content of the Website. Furthermore, the Company may, without prior notification, halt or suspend the provision of the Website in whole or in part due to a system failure caused by fire, power outage, earthquake or other natural disaster or other reason, or out of a necessity to protect the system.
The Company bears no liability whatsoever for any harm, loss or the like affecting the User for any of the causes provided by the items below. Furthermore, in the event that the User causes harm to the Company by actions in violation of these terms or by actions that are wrongful or illegal, the Company may demand of said User commensurate compensation for damages.

  1. Use of information obtained from the Website or from another site linking to the Website
  2. Software or hardware-related trouble, infection by a computer virus, or data loss or damage, or other such results occurring during use of the Website
  3. Problems or the like occurring between Users of the Website or between a User of the Website and a third party
  4. Failure of an email, request for materials or other messages from the User to reach the Company due to a malfunction, trouble or the like related to the Internet
  5. The cessation or suspension of the provision of the Website in whole or in part

In the event that a User inflicts harm on the Company through actions that violate these terms, or through actions that are wrongful or illegal, or engages in any action equivalent to the aforementioned, the Company may demand of said User commensurate compensation for damages.


As a general rule, anyone is free to create a link to the Website. However, since the URLs of the Website’s pages may be changed without notice, make sure to create a link to the Top Page ( Please refrain from using image-only links and links inside a frame. In addition, if you would like to create a link to the Website, please notify the Company in advance.

Furthermore, in the event that the Company deems a link inappropriate because it comes from a site such as one containing content that is offensive to public order and morals, adult content or content that slanders or libels the Company, the Company may reject the link.

Use of Cookies

This Website uses cookies for the convenience of the User. A cookie is a technology that identifies a customer’s computer.

A customer may, depending on the settings of the Internet browser in use, refuse to accept cookies or see a warning indicating that they have accepted a cookie. The customer can browse the Website even after refusing to accept the cookies, but since doing so will prevent you from making full use of the Website’s functions, we recommend that you configure your browser to accept the cookies.

  • See the Privacy Policy for details on our handling of personal information.

Applicable Laws and Courts with Jurisdiction

With regard to the use of the Website, unless otherwise provided for, the laws of Japan shall apply. As for any disputes arising in relation to use of the Website, the court of the first instance having exclusive jurisdiction shall, unless otherwise provided for, be the Osaka District Court or the Osaka Summary Court.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy regarding the handling of personal information.

Revised April 6, 2018

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